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Our History

IGA Grand Opening

The history of The Red Apple Supermarket began with our family over 70 years ago when Charles C. Negro and Konrad Keller bought the Big Horn Market as the partners from Oscar Kilian. The Big Horn Market was a grocery store, which operated with credit accounts as the large part of the business. Also included with the grocery store was a slaughter and locker plant.

In 1950, Charles C Negro, better know as Chuck, bought out Konrad Keller and initiated a partnership with a man named Solon Robison from Montana. Solon took over the slaughter plant and meat operations. In 1954, Solon and Chuck dissolved their partnership with Solon keeping the slaughter plant and Chuck the grocery store. At this time, Chuck's son Bob got out of the U.S. Navy in 1954, and Bob joined his father in the grocery business.

The supplier for the Big Horn Market was Keil Grocery of Billings, Montana. In 1960, the Big Horn Market was incorporated as Big Horn Foodtown, and Bob became an officer of the business with his father Chuck.

Later on, Ryan's Grocery received the I.G.A franchise and the Big Horn Foodtown operated under the name of Big Horn I.G.A.

A few short years later in 1982, Mitchell Negro graduated from Northwest College of Powell, Wyoming and joined his grandfather Chuck and father Bob at the Big Horn I.G.A. The grocery store had now become a three generation supermarket.

During 1977, the Big Horn I.G.A moved to its now current location in a 12,000 square foot supermarket. In 1983, their store was expanded to 18,455 square feet making room for some much needed amenities. During the 1990's, the supermarket was undergoing some big changes. The grocery store went through another expansion making way for 30,000 square feet adding room for a V&S Variety and a much larger bakery, deli, and dairy section. The Big Horn I.G.A. also changed suppliers to Associated Food Store, Inc., Billings Division, which is headquartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their new name then became Big Horn Foodtown, Inc., DBA The Red Apple Supermarket.

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